Financial Aid Scholarship Applications

Financial Aid Scholarship Applications for our programs are available by request.
Please call (626) 616-0960 to request an application and check on availability.


  • Completed scholarship applications must be received no less than 30 days prior to our program and must be accompanied by a $10 application fee and a video taped demonstration of recent class work.
  • The recorded information should include a brief introduction from the student and the following: barre work, center adagio, petite allegro, grand allegro, pointe work. You may also include recent performance footage. Tapes should be no more than 15 min. in length. Please note that the video tape will not be returned to you.

In order to be considered for a financial aid scholarship, you must submit a video and financial aid application to be reviewed by the artistic directors of American Ballet Intensives or as an alternative, you may submit a financial aid application and audition in person at an open class taught by one of our instructors.

For open class/audition information please call our office at (626) 616-0960. Scholarships are limited and are based on financial need and on merit.